Nathaniel Parker Raymond


From Paperspace Scribblebook: P. 07

From Paperspace Scribblebook: P. 20

August 31, 2020 Just Wrapping Up

I sat in the office in the unwinding day, synthesizing forms for some incoherent purpose. The hours slipped into darker darkness. Neon lights pulsed through the window while waves washed their rushing sound against the shore. A woman and her son appeared, needing to use the space. Moving among my things, the young boy announced […]

October 29, 2019 The Rope

She wakes up with her arm tangled in the rope. She sits upright, mind full of intent. The harness is of no concern, the rope an insignificance to be ignored. She begins the daily chores, organizing everything for the organized future, laid cleanly on polished tracks in her mind. Slowly, the chores become more difficult, […]

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